Bryant Solutions is a minibus rental company with a mission to make it easy for organisations to provide an easy commute to employees, students, and staff members. We aim to empower schools and universities with a safe commute option at affordable prices.

Bryant Solutions provides end-to-end service ranging from leasing minibuses to driver training and vehicle maintenance. We also offer service and repair of the school minibuses (while taking care of your annual road license). We supply minibuses from a wide range of auto manufacturers like Ford, Renault, Vauxhall, and Nissan throughout the UK. 

We started with an intent to provide the best cost-effective transportation solution at the most competitive prices. We achieved this and went on to become one of the four most sought-after minibus rental services in the UK. We now have a large fleet of minibuses which makes it easier for us to serve the maximum number of organisations and people.


We were able to scale up exponentially, thanks to the resilience and focus of our team. Reaching these heights in just a couple of years is no small feat, and we are proud that we have done it. The excellent people in our team believe in our mission, which drives them to do more and make our organisation the number 1 van rental service in the UK. Bryant Solutions made all this possible by providing top class service and maintaining and supplying the right vehicles for schools, universities, academies, sites, individuals, and other reputed clients. 

Serving a wide range of clients has enabled us to understand the requirements of different kinds of organisations and regions. Doing this has further increased our expertise in the area, allowing us not just to provide a rental service but also advise our customers with what works best for them.

Providing advice to our customers has helped us build strong relationships throughout the UK. Most customers and clients are delighted with the solution that we customise for them. Our clients can see how the solution that we provide for them helps their students and staff by an alternative, more comfortable option for commuting to the University.


It makes us proud to know that we have successfully integrated our services with organisations and helped them solve the problem of commute for their people. We hope that in the coming years we will be able to transform the people’s lives through excellent commuting. As the requirements change, so will we. Adaptability is our greatest strength.  

Our minibuses range in sizes to accommodate the right number of people, from 7 seaters, 12 seaters, 15 seaters, and 17 seaters to light minibuses. We also have premium vans from auto manufacturers like the Ford Transit Minibus, Renault Master Minibus, and Vauxhall Movano minibus. 

The drivers from our training programs have been working with their respective organisations with an excellent track record, making us proud. We look forward to empowering more people with their skills and helping them keep their job as Van and Minibus driver. We are now proud mentors of over 100 drivers from around the UK. We believe in harmonious and sustainable living with the dignity of labour. We also believe in equal employment opportunities and do not tolerate discrimination of any kind. 


We have a fantastic in-house office team servicing clients. All our staff have been trained to understand the problems of the customers and help quickly solve them. These trained professionals assist clients with everything from advice on which van to choose to help understand a problem with a van. They are polite, patient, and happy to help you. They’ll be with you until they have solved your problem.

Our team of specialists provide customers with transparency without being pushy. We believe in working together with the administration to bring the most comfortable and the safest commute possible for everyone availing our vans or minibuses.

If you are on the lookout for a van rental service, you can reach out to us. We can discuss your travel needs. With the help of our trained professionals, you will get the best fit for your travel and budget. 

Call us now to avail of our services.