Bryant Solutions is a service provider aiming to empower organisations with the ease and convenience of a smooth commuting solution for students and staff members as well as vehicles for sites. We help by providing a safe way to travel without burning a hole in the organisation’s pocket. 

If you have a clear idea about what exactly you need, you can go ahead and directly rent a van or a minibus based on your requirements. You can also outright purchase the vehicles if you want to. In either case, you can go directly to your minibus page and choose the one that you want. 

If you have already rented our vans or school minibus or are going to renew your package now, but don’t have an experienced staff driver, we train your staff drivers as well. With extensive training, we’ll make your staff drivers at par with the best. If you want to enrol your drivers to our training program, please reach out to us with the details and the time that best suits your needs.

If you already have one of our vehicles on lease and are experiencing any issues with the car, you can reach out to us without delay. We regret any inconvenience that our vehicles cause, and we will promptly help you out with whatever the problem is. 

You can also bring the vehicle in for maintenance and checkup to make sure everything is running fine. Our experts will be glad to have a look at it and quickly facilitate any changes or improvements. Please give us a call if you think you need a maintenance check so that we can schedule one for you. 

There’s more, apart from the school minibus and vans, we also provide welfare vans for workers that are on-site at remote locations. Our welfare vans are built to meet all their needs on the site and also provide them with safety and emergency assistance. For organisations that send their workers to sites for days, this van is the perfect solution to give them a safe and comfortable place without spending a fortune.

If you think your organisation can benefit from leasing a van (or vans) or if you need advice about how you can solve the commute problem for your students and staff, you can reach out to Bryant Solutions to have a detailed discussion.

The exceptional people at our customer service team empathise with your problem and understand the challenges that you face, and will be happy to help you find the best solution specific to your organisation. 

You can mail us at or if you want to know more about the services that we provide.

Please get in touch in case you need any assistance. We can help provide solutions to all your traveling requirements. Let us know how we can help!