Do you run a school, a university, an academy, or any other institution? Do you have students and staff members commuting to your institution daily?

Are you looking to provide an easy commute option for them that doesn’t cost you a fortune?

You have come to the perfect place because we have just the thing you need and much more. The School Minibus Company is not your typical van rental service. It’s a lot more than that. We are now one of the leading specialists in this category.


What do our Minibus Services Entail?

We allow you to hire top class minibuses and vans for your students or staff. We don’t just rent out vehicles; we go the extra mile to give you the best service in the United Kingdom. 

Apart from supplying vans and minibuses, we also offer training programs for your drivers. We provide service and maintenance for all our leased vehicles and help to take care of your annual road license.

Our vehicles are sourced from the best in the business – Ford, Renault, Vauxhall, and Nissan, to name a few. We have accredited franchisees for four of the biggest van leasing companies in the country. We make sure that we are sending only the best vehicles for our customers.


What Does our Minibus Service Look Like? 

The goal of The School Minibus Company is to make life easy for our clients. This motto is the reason all our client service executives are trained to help you through the process and guide you. Since no two organisations are the same, we customise our solutions for each client. 

Our team has an in-depth knowledge of the minibus legislation. We are FCA regulated, meaning all the paperwork is taken care of and you don’t have to spend additional time.

We believe in making the whole hiring experience easy and hassle-free. You’ll find that our employees are very professional. They work tirelessly to help find the perfect fit for you. 

There’s only one point of contact between the client and the company. This arrangement helps avoid miscommunication or confusion. Moreover, you’ll only have one number to keep in mind. 

Also, we pride ourselves with the transparency that we maintain with our clients. The invaluable feedback that comes from our clients matters a lot to us. We are also registered on CheckProfessional to verify customer feedback. We believe that feedback helps in providing an even better service to our customers.


What Kinds of Minibuses do we Supply?

As mentioned earlier, our minibuses are sourced from prominent vehicle manufacturers, like Ford, Renault, Vauxhall, and Nissan. 

Keeping the different requirements of our various customers, we categorise these minibuses by the number of seats. So, we have enough options for you to choose from. We know you will find the perfect match for all your requirements.

The minibuses with varying capacities are nine-seater minibuses, 12 seater minibuses, 15 seater minibuses, 17 seater minibuses, and also lightweight minibuses.

The different minibuses make sure that we have all kinds of options ready for our customers. We can cater to all sizes of travellers and can help provide the best experience for all our customers.  

If you prefer a specific minibus, we can assist based on that too. You can either rent a Ford Transit minibus, a Renault master minibus, or a Vauxhall Movano Minibus. Anything that serves you right.


What are the Other Benefits of Renting a Van from Us? 

We understand the various needs of schools and colleges which help us provide an even more effective service than is usually done by a typical van rental service.

We provide unique access arrangements for differently-abled and special needs people, making it easier for them to board the minibus. This will help if you have students or staff members that require special assistance.

We also provide your minibus with the capacity to hold sports equipment because schools and colleges need to commute whole teams to tournaments. 

We also provide training for people who will be driving these minibuses for your organisation. Extensive training will allow them to drive safely.

You can purchase the van or minibus, or you can choose to lease it for a stipulated period. You can take the minibus to overseas if you want to, we can take care of the paperwork.

If you feel we might have the perfect minibus for you, give us a call or send us an email. Our in-house staff would be happy to help you get started.