Our company believes in providing travelling comfort needed by organisations. Sometimes the staff or employees need to stay overnight at a site or travel long distances, frequently changing locations.

We believe in comfort, and we provide solutions for them as well. A Welfare Van is just what it sounds like, a van with enough facilities to help passengers when they are travelling long distances or staying overnight at a site location. 

These vans are equipped with first aid, fire extinguishers, and all sorts of precautionary gear to keep the passengers ready for any emergencies. We believe that safety matters above all else since your passengers are of prime importance to us. We make sure they have everything they might need. 

All the facilities in our welfare van are on par with the guidelines and standards set for a healthy environment. Health and safety concerns of your passengers are essential for us just as much as for you, so rest assured we’ll keep them safe.


The fantastic features of a Welfare Van: 

When you hire a welfare fan from us, you can rest assured that you’ll have everything that you need. This is one of the reasons why our customers are happy with our results. We make our vans with the purpose to provide ease and convenience to the passengers.

These welfare vans can accommodate as much as eight people since there is a lot of equipment and other necessities on board. Spacious and roomy interiors of these welfare vans help passengers stretch their legs and get some rest during transit or at night.  

Our vans have precautionary equipment like first aid, fire extinguisher, grab handles, anti-slip flooring, and glass hammers. We have also added charging sockets for mobile phones and laptops. This facility helps passengers stay connected when they are far from the city, in a region where there’s no hotel or payphone for miles. 

The toilets on board are 25-litre cassette type, and the toilet area also provides enough space to dry clothes. The water heater inside provides enough hot air to help with drying clothes. 

The toilet area is spray lined and fully sealed, making it easier to keep it separate from the van. It is also washable with a hose and jet wash. There’s running water in the van for both, the crew area and the toilet.

There are two LED roof beacons for the visibility of the van during the darkest of nights. Remote regions may not have proper road visibility. At such times, our LED roof lights help keep passengers safe. 

There’s also an optional fridge if your passengers prefer having a drink or two on the road. It might help during the summer or on a long workday.


Why employers need to provide Welfare Vans 

Remote sites are far removed from emergency services and sanitation. Some sites or work conditions are unable to provide even the most basic requirements of food, clothing, and shelter. Emergency services like ambulances and fire departments may take time to reach. In case of an emergency like a fire breaking out, or one of the workers getting injured, welfare vans help in transporting people safely.  

With Welfare Vans, there is easy access to fire extinguishers, and fire hydrants. Basic amenities like clean water and clean washrooms are also necessary. These things help control devastating situations. 

Welfare van hire is like a full package that they can carry around with them. It has everything they might need or could need to work safely.

If your staff or team works on-site or if they frequent places that are in remote areas, it becomes crucial that you provide them with a welfare van. Employees are made to feel safe; they have a place of respite, and can even sleep overnight in welfare vans if needed. These vans help in cutting costs while increasing the safety of your workforce.

It is not just a legal requirement for an employer to provide a welfare unit but a moral obligation. People who work for long hours on the site needs some time to relax, and since they are usually so far from their homes, they can’t travel back just for a nap.

Employers can provide the right welfare without building a welfare centre at every site they are working on. Employees and staff could travel in a welfare van and carry their welfare centre around with them. All their needs get served on the road without any hassles.